About Us

Andison Industrial Sales Inc. is a leading industrial supply company that delivers high quality solutions to its customers. Andison has been providing industrial technologies and services since 1994. Today, as representative of various world-class brands, Andison delivers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of industrial products and services to customers in the power plant, oil refineries, petrochemical, metal fabrication, mining, shipyards and manufacturing industries in the Philippines.

Andison provides goods and services ranging from welding machines and consumables, pipefitting equipment and machinery, cold cutting and beveling machines, magnetic drilling machines, professional power tools and electrical installation to hazardous gas monitoring devices, abrasives and carbide tooling.

Andison serves the whole Philippine island from Luzon down to Visayas and Mindanao. Our business model is aligned with the growing demand of the Industry and we provide suitable solution to our clients’ needs. We distinct ourselves in the industry by delivering outstanding products, prompt services and maintain good customer relationship. That is why our core businesses have shown substantial growth.