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Panasonic TM/TL Series (GIII) Arc Welding Robot with Full Digital Welding Power source

Overview :

  • 6 axis articulated arc welding robot
    A variety of the selectable features specialized for arc welding
  • Combination with Full Digital welding power source achieves stable and high quality welding
    Good bead appearance and low spatter even in high speed welding
  • Manipulator type selectable to fit your application
    Arm length / Payload / Torch type

Panasonic TAWERS Series (WGIII, WGHIII) Arc Welding Robot with Integrated Welding Power Source

Overview :

  • 6 Axis Articulated Arc Welding Robot
  • Robot systems with integrated welding power source technology “TAWERS”
    Robot system controls the welding waveform directly
  • Continuously evolving by addition of application
    Suitable for Multi-material of welding material
  • Weld Navigation Function
  • TAWERS 100 kHz advanced inverter technology makes possible:
    • Low spatter welding
    • Welding with less heat input
    • Thin and thick plate welding
    • A maximum flexibility
    • Reduce production cost
    • Improve quality

Panasonic Super Active TAWERS (S-AWP WGIII/WGHIII) Arc Welding Robot


  • 6 Axis Articulated Arc Welding Robot
  • High speed welding and ultra low spatter over a wider current range
  • Improved productivity at 100 cm/min or higher with beautiful and wide bead
  • Stable weld quality. Stabilizing the arc by changing wire feed speed at constant cycle
  • Larger torch angle window. Super Active TAWERS minimize spatter generation even with steep push / trial torch angle
  • High quality welding of thin material, with exceptionally good penetration
  • High quality CO2 welding. 98% less spatter generation at 200 A
  • 99% spatter reduction by MAG welding at 250 A

Panasonic LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution)

LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution) uses the Panasonic servo control technology for controlling the laser trepanning head to generate several welding pattern and beam functions. This technological advantage makes the laser head extremely compact and light weight with a payload weight of only 4kg. An advantage of this low weight is to allow the laser head to be mounted to the high-speed compact Panasonic TM series of robots. The result is a complete system with unique compactness and a seamless interface between the process and automation components.

Because of its unique solution, LAPRISS has the potential to replace existing large foot print welding systems with a solution providing high speed that is immensely flexible and dramatically reduces floor space requirements.