Magnaflux provides top manufacturers and NDT facilities around the globe with the most comprehensive and proven line of liquid dye penetrant and magnetic particles material, equipment and accessories available on the market.

Products by Magnaflux

Magnaflux KDS Test Panel

Magnaflux 14AM Magnaglo Prepared Oil Bath

Magnaflux 8A Dry Method Non-Fluorescent Magnetic Powders

Magnaflux 7HF Black Visible Magnetic Particle Wet Method Prepared Bath

Magnaflux 7C Black Visible Wet Method Dry Powder Concentrate

Magnaflux ZB-100 Black Lights

Magnaflux Y-1AC Magnetic Yoke

Magnaflux Magnavis White Contrast Paint – WCP-2

Magnaflux Zyglo ZL-27A

Magnaflux Spotcheck SKL-SP2

Magnaflux Spotcheck SKD-S2

Magnaflux Spotcheck SKC-S