For more than 90 years, COPPUS® portable ventilators and cooling products have been recognized as leaders in providing reliable, ventilation to meet the demands of safety and maintenance personnel around the world in refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, paper mills, utilities, fabrication shops, and a host of other industries including construction, railroads, airlines, shipbuilding, marine and food/beverage processing.

Products by Coppus

Coppus Reactions Fans

Coppus VANO 175CV, 250CV

Coppus Vano Tripod

Coppus Transport Cart

Coppus Jectair Tripod

Coppus Jectair HP

Coppus Flexible Air Duct

Coppus Duct Canister

Coppus Double-duty Heat Killer

Coppus Centrifugal Cadet

Coppus Air-Max12